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Vijaysar |Indian Kino Powder Online

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Vijaysar |Indian Kino Powder
  • Helps to control Blood Sugar
  • Helps to reduce weight & cholesterol

Buy vijaysar powder online. Benefit in Diabetes. read more about vijaysar powder dosages.

  • Indian Kino Powder also known as Vijaysar or Pterocarpus Marsupium is welknown remedy for balancing blood sugar in diabetes since ancient times.
  • Balances the imbalanced level of glucose in blood and urine, the excessive thirst and appetite.
  • Supports and maintains healthy blood and urine glucose levels.
  • Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels that are already within normal range.
  • Helps to support body defense system against air borne pathogen.
  • Supports Skin Care.


Bijasar|Vijaysar|Pterocarpus Marsupium and Ayurveda

  • It helps to maintain healthy sugar level in blood and urine that are already within the normal range.
  • Helps to rejuvenate each and every part of body.
  • It helps in purification of blood.
  • It helps to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • It helps to control burning sensation of body.
  • It helps to control excessive thirst and appetite.
  • It helps to provide nourishment to generalized weak persons.
  • Due to light & rough characteristics it helps to loosen some weight also.
  • 2X Double Potency.
  • Authentic, A-Grade Quality, Sourced from its natural habitat
  • Manufactured to exacting standards using highest quality raw materials.
  • The processing / blending of herbs are made strictly according to principles laid down in ancient texts of Ayurveda. No Shortcuts.
  • Every batch tested to verify purity and potency.
  • Rigorous screening of raw material & Finished goods testing.
Vijaysar/ Indian Kino Powder       
Quantity : 400 Gms (14.11 Oz)
(Sufficient for 2 months usage)  


Supplement Facts :-
Serving Size : 2 tsp twice a day.
60 Days Supply
Amount per serving
Vijaysar |Indian Kino Powder     400 gms
*Daily Value not established
Does NOT ContainGMOs, additives, fillers, artificial ingredients, preservatices, stearates, silicon dioxide, or Titanium Dioxide.
Suggested Use :
  • Put 2 table spoons of Herbal Powder in a Glass containing 80 ml drinking water at night.
  • Filter the brown color water next morning and consume this infusion 30 minutes before breakfast.
  • Again put 2 table spoons of Herbal Powder in a Glass containing 80 ml drinking water.
  • Filter the brown color water at night and consume this infusion 30 minutes before dinner.
or as directed by a healthcare professional