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Vijaysar Herbal Wood Blocks - Madhuvijay

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Vijaysar also known as Pterocarpus Marsupium or Indian Kino Tree is well appreciated herb for the treatment of blood sugar, cholesterol, Arthritis and weight loss since ancient times in India.

As per Ancient Texts of Ayurveda following are the benefits of Vijaysar Herb :

Vijaysar Benefits :

The Benefits of Vijaysar Herb  (Pterocarpus Marsupium) is described in many scriptures of Ayurveda, especially Nighantu which is the oldest treatise on etymology, philosophy & Semantics.

बीजक: पीतसारश्च पीतशालक इत्यपि।
बन्धूकपुष्प: प्रियक: सर्जकश्चासन: स्मृत: ।।२८।।

बीजक: कुष्ठवीसर्पश्चित्रमेहगुद किमान् ।
हन्ति श्लेष्मास्रपित्तञ्च त्वच्य: केश्यो रसायन:।।२९।।

यथा सर्वाणि कुष्ठनि हत : खादिर बीजकौ | (सु. चि. ६)

बीजक : सकषायश्च कफपित्तानाशन : | (घ. नि. )

  • कफपित्तशमक : Pacifies Kapha & Pitta
  • रक्तवहसंस्थान : Helpful in Joint Pain (Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteo Arthritis)
  • मूत्रवहसंस्थान  : Helpful in Blood Sugar Control & its Complications.
  • सात्मीकरण    : Helpful in Obesity (Weight Loss)


Due to beneficial properties of Vijaysar Herb; Modern laboratories across the world has also conducted many research and has found following chemical composition responsible for its positive effect on health :

Its principal constituents are pterostilbene, (-)-epicatechin, pterosupin, marsupsin, liquiritigenin and isoliquiritigenin. An aqueous infusion of the wood is used in diabetes. It has been found to reduced the glucose absorption from the gastrointestinal tract and improve insulin and pro-insulin levels. It is effective in beta cell regeneration and has also been found to have a hypocholesteremic effect.

Vijaysar Side-effects :

No side effects of vijaysar herb has been identified so far.  Vijaysar is safe herb for usage.

Effetive Diabetes Management reduces the risk of

  • Eye Disease
  • Kidney Failure
  • Heart Disease
  • Strokes
  • Foot Amputation

Manage your Diabetes with combination of Ancient & Modern treatment and stay healthy.




How to use Vijaysar Herbal Wood Blocks :

1) Put One (1) piece of herbal wood block into glass full of drinking water (100 ml) at night.

2) The color of water will change to brown when herbal wood block kept overnight.

3) Consume this colored entire herbal infusion 30 minutes before breakfast (Empty Stomach). 

4) Again fill the glass with 100 ml drinking water without changing the herbal wood block and consume herbal infusion 30 minutes before dinner (Empty Stomach).

5) One herbal wood block is useful for 2 days usage.  Use new herbal wood block after 2 days of usage.

1 box of Madhuvijay Herbal Wood Blocks contains 15 blocks - 30 days usage.