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The Effect of Diabetes

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Diabetes is a condition for which there is no cure. It affects more than 285 million people globally i.e.6.4% of the worlds adult population, and though it can be managed, there are the effect of diabetes that stem from it. The effect of diabetes can range from simple fungal infections that can be easily treated with medications to more severe side effects that require amputation. The side effects a diabetic suffers will vary greatly depending on the type of diabetes they have and how well they manage and care for themselves.

People with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes are at a much higher risk than the general population for damage to the eyes, kidney, nerves, and blood vessels.

 How does blood sugar cause damage?

In people with diabetes, Sugar (Glucose) accumulated in the blood at very high levels. The excess glucose can attach to proteins in the blood vessels and alter their normal structure and function. One effect of this is that the vessels become thicker and less elastic, making it hard for blood to sqeeze through.

1st Effect of Diabetes -Eye Damage 2nd Effect of Diabetes - Kidney Disease 3rd Effect of Diabetes - Heart and Blood Vessel Disease 4th Effect of Diabetes - Nerve Disease