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Payment Methods

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On line purchase

At , we employ CCAvenue; ATOM &  PAYPAL as payment gateway considering the Safe Shopping and assurance of Payment Gateways for employing Internet’s strongest security technologies to give our customers peace of mind .

Paypal (For Customers other than India)

You may now use Paypal as an integrated option within our online checkout process. Simply check out as normal, and then choose the Paypal button on the Payment screen. At the end of the checkout process, you will be taken directly to Paypal’s website for payment.

CCAvenue / ATOM :(For Indian Customers)

With the above payment gateway, you can process your payments through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking etc..

Cash on Delivery (COD) [Available only for Indian Customers]

You may also order with us on Cash on Delivery (COD) basis without any extra cost.  Simply visit our “How to Order” page and fill the order form. We will mail your order via Express Parcel Services on VPP Basis. The customers can pay the bill amount (Rs.599 per kit) at the time of delivery of ordered goods.