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Chandraprabha Vati :Powerful Tonic

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Chandraprabhavati is a ayurvedic medicine made from 38 ingredients (28 herbs, 2 mineral salts, 2 metal ashes sucrose and Asphalt mineral pitch). It is effective and well known medicine to treat genito-urinary ailments, diabetes, urinary tract infections, difficulty in urination, digestive impairment, urinary calculi,gynaecological problems and semen defects. kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, pancreas, bones, joints, and thyroid gland. It is also recommended in the the management of diabetes, men’s problems, women’s problems and mental disorders

Although, Chandraprabha vati is used in number of ailments, Its effectiveness in Major ailments/conditions are discussed below :

General Debility, Fatigue & Stress :

Chandraprabha Vati being a combination of 38 rejuvinating herbs, is a total health supplement which helps to relieve general debility, Fatigue & Stress.  It  gently increases physical strength, revitalize the body with refreshing feeling.  It has a potential to decrease the study related stress & improves memory.  It should be taken with Cow’s Milk when taken as supplement.  This may be because of Shilajit & Loha Bhasma as one of the major ingredient in this formulation.

High Blood Pressure :

Chandraprabha Vati  possess mild anti-hypertensive effects. It helps in effectively lowering the blood pressure and providing the strength to the heart.  It also reduces heart palpitation.

Gout & Raised Uric Acid Level :

Chandraprabha Vati stimulates the excretion of harmful toxins like creatinine, urea and uric acid from body.  It corrects the natural functions of kidney and helps to eliminate the excess uric acid.  It is used in combination with Gokshuradi Vati, Guduchi Satva & Punarnava Powder.

Arthritis :

It is potent anti-inflammatory & mild analgesic medicine.  Therefore it reduces pain & inflammation in joint disorders so it is very useful in low backache, spinal arthritis & knee Osteoarthritis.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Chandraprabha Vati  is a physicians favorite medicine for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  It removes cysts and corrects the ovarian function.  It corrects the hormonal imbalance among womens and the effect is doubled when used in combination with Ashokaristha & Kanchnar Guggul.

It is actually a well known tonic for all reproductive system organs and it enhances the efficacy of other medicines, so it is recommended in almost all cases of reproductive discorder.

Excessive Uterine Bleeding & Habitual Miscarriage :

Chandrapraha Vati works well with Kanchnaar guggul to reduce the size of polyps.  It is wellknown uterine tonic.  Ayurveda believes that habitual miscarriage occurs due to weak uterus & therefore as Chandraprabha vati strengthens uterus, It is helpful in habitual miscarriage also.  

Prostate Enlargement :

Chandraprabha Vati  reduces urinary discomfort due to prostate hypertrophy.  It also decreases the size of enlarged prostate gland when used with Varuna (Crataeva Nurvala).

Diabetes :

Chandraprabha Vati reduces urinary frequency & urinary incontinence. In diabetic patients,  microalbuminuria is a an earlier sigh of kidney damage.  It has no direct influence on diabetes but corrects the underlying cause of these problems.  Chandraprabha Vati in combination with Kamdudha Ras works well to reduce and treat protein loss in urine.

Moreover, Chandraprabha Vati(1gm)  in combination with Amla (1gm), Turmeric (1gm), Neem bark (1gm) & chiraita (1/2 gm) has shown good results in reducing blood sugar levels.

Dosage :  

Safest Dosage

1 grams or 2 tablets twice a day

Supplemental Dosage

1 tablet to 2 tablets twice a day with milk

Therapeutic Dosage

1 grams or 2 tablets twice a day

Maximum Daily Dosage

6 grams

Side effects

1. No side effects reported

2. But, the medicine is not meant for pregnant women.

3. Lactating mothers must consult a physician.


Contraindications :

There are no recorded contraindication but due to presence of Loha Bhasma (Iron) , it should not be taken in Stomach Ulcers, Ulcerative Colitis, Iron Overload & Thalassemia.  Mowever it should also not be taken with following modern medicines :





Mycophenolate Mofetil


Tetracycline Antibiotics

Quinolone Antibiotics.