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Diabetes is as old as human civilizations.  Earlier it was known as “Raja Roga”   for two reasons. (1) It was incurable (2) Only Nobles/Elite Class People who had sedentary lifestyle suffered from this disease. 

The journey started by our great grandfather Hon. Amirdanji who was Revenue Officer and had to frequently travel to interior parts of India.  During his visits to tribal areas he observed some tribals carving tumbler from one particular wood.  With curiosity, he asked them about its uses, he came to know that this tumbler is used by Tribal Chiefs and other wealthy persons around these areas who suffered from Madhumeha (Diabetes).   He used to buy number of tumblers whenever he used to visit this area and gift to his officers, friends and colleagues who were suffering from Diabetes.

At that time people who used this tumbler provided by Hon. Amirdanji, witnessed benefits in their diseases and improved their quality of life.  So they frequently asked him to bring these tumblers whenever he visits tribal area.  People who used these tumblers and benefited often appreciated and informed their fellow friends and relatives who suffered from Diabetes.  The demands for such herbal wood tumbler were rising steadily which made difficult for tribal's to make many tumblers at a time and for Hon. Amirdanji to carry such a big quantity.  Therefore, he used to arrange herbal wood supply from them and get it made locally under his supervision.  During initial days, he used to distribute tumblers as gifts.  However, when the demand was growing and it was not affordable to provide tumblers free, the cost of tumbler was recovered just to meet the expenses of herbal wood, transportation and labour. (Even today, following the spirit of our ancestors for starting this activity, We have continued to provide best quality herbs at the lowest possible cost.)


This activity continued by heirs of Amirdanji after his sad demise. The reach of this herbal wood tumbler has always expanded and gained popularity crossing boundaries with the development of communication, movement of people and internet.   The objective of this activity is always social rather than commercial.   This movement awarded us the interactions with many world renowned Ayurveda Practitioners and have always contributed by enriching our knowledge about Diabetes. 


Late Ayurvedic Authority Hon. Harinarayanji Shukla frequently used our tumblers for their diabetes patients and always said to use our tumblers regularly for victory over Madhumeh (Diabetes) which inspired us to use “Madhuvijay” as brand name for our products.  “Madhu” means sweet; “Vijay” means victory – Victory over sweet disease – Diabetes.


Currently, Mrs. Neeta who possesses deep knowledge about Herbs and Ayurveda is handling the identification, processing, production for Holy Herbaceuticals.  She has also included Ayurveda Experts Dr. Bhavesh Joshi – renowned Ayurveda Consultant & several pharmacists in her team so that Pure Herbs are procured, strictly processed as per guidelines of Ancient Ayurveda & Confirms to modern standards.

Our family has been trusted and respected by thousands of Diabetics and Ayurveda Authorities. With their blessings and given opportunity to know thousands of Diabetics across the world, we found that Stress is one of the major causes of spike in blood sugar, Therefore, a thought started to prepare formulations which can address stress and anxiety along-with the main problem of Diabetes.  After consultations with lot of Ayurveda Authorities, We developed a unique formulation and presented in the form of Capsules which contained concentrated form of Pt. Marsupium, Withania Somnifera & Hydrocotyle Asiatica.  This novel combination of three (3) herbs acts as Trident for Blood Sugar, Stress & Anxiety.   

We have also experienced that it is also very important to address the “Sweet Cravings” among diabetic patients.  We have therefore developed capsules made from Gymnema Sylvestra which is known to control sugar cravings since ancient times.

Last but not least..

Diabetes is a condition of your body which cannot be reversed in majority of cases.  You can live a normal life without any complications if you learn to live with your body conditions.  However it leads to serious complications if proper care is not taken.  We request you to not to stop your prescribed medication unless and until decided by your medical practitioner. 

Regular use of proven herbs is always helpful in maintaining health.  Therefore, we strongly recommend including herbs helpful in blood sugar management.  For e.g. Pterocarpus Marsupium ( Indian Kino, Vijaysar) ; Gymnema Sylvestra (Gymnema, gurmar, madhunashini, meshashringa, meshashringi) etc.  Which has strong capacity to save you from overdependence on heavy doses of allopathic drugs which has serious side effects too…?

Humble Request..

Our ancestor started this activity for benefit of society at large and not for profit.  Profit is still not a major objective at Holy Herbaceuticals.  And we still do not dream to become giant business concern nor attain luxury at the cost of others health.  Therefore, we humbly request you to use herbs only if you are committed for prolong usage. “Just for trying” mentality does not benefit to anyone of us:

    (1) You do not get any demonstrated benefit – You lose (waste) money.

    (2)  We do not build empire from your money –as our margins are terribly low.

    (3)  We cause damage to environment – because trees having divine healing properties are cut to obtain wood for making this product for your health.


You should REGULARLY use any herbal product for at least 20 to 36 weeks to experience the benefit.

                                                Kindly co-operate..

                                Wishing you the Best health always…

                                                                                Holy Herbaceuticals.